My attempt at a dristin back ground story

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My attempt at a dristin back ground story

Post by Shinta » Aug 06, 2009 11:35 pm

Legends say that every day. Thousands of heroes are born. So brings us to the tale of the spontaneous & noisy town of Dristin. This town was built in time of peace and prosperity. The bright sky’s & clean air are just the beginning.
Townsfolk past the days with shopping at the numerous shops, playing fun games and take a chance of luck in daily events! Aside from that there is a quite side to this town. Farmers tend to crops and livestock, while others sit around to a warm fire. One day an ominous wind begins to blow through town.
The sky turns from a bright blue to somber grey instantly. The wise elders whom the town is entrusted to knew something was wrong. They immediately gave word to train warriors in the arts of fighting and magic. Each day was worse then the last.
The earth began to tremble as it split and out spawned out evils that you could only imagined in nightmares. Now is the time for the newly born hero’s to accept there destiny and bring peace back to the land of Dristin.

Elder Scribes XIV

( it looked better in ms word)
The bluest part of the sky seems so far away. I suppose thats what keeps us striving for it.

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