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The Knight Of Helix

Post by Shinta » Mar 21, 2009 12:08 pm

Come all, young and old, for there is a tale to be told. once long ago, there lived a fierce knight so brave and so bold. One dreadful night, wicked monster invaded looking for a fight. The knight just chuckled and said with a grin "Silly monsters you can not win" the monsters let out a loud cry and the knight shouted "Monsters its time to die!" as the knight striked steady the monsters were all too ready. They circled and plunged there swords deep into him. Then they began to rip him limb to limb. This story you may think cold, but there is a moral to be told. Don't be an over confident fool or your fate may be crule.
The bluest part of the sky seems so far away. I suppose thats what keeps us striving for it.

Why do people fear what they don't understand?

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