Tap Tap Tap... Hello, is this on?

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Tap Tap Tap... Hello, is this on?

Post by Relic » Mar 08, 2015 1:16 pm

Hello old friends. I thought this game was out of my system and would never happen. Life gets in the way sometimes, but that's ok. Two babies and seemingly a lifetime later, Dristin is still on my mind everyday. Life is steady these days and if I'm ever going to do this, it's now or never so I'm going to take one last stab at this and see where it goes. No promises except that I'll put forth my best effort to get work done on a consistent basis. And off we go...

Week 1 - The restart.

This week I am going to assess what there is, what needs to be done and basically get back up to speed on this 'project'. Beginning next Sunday, I will post a weekly update about what has happened, and what will happen for the next week. Goals this week are as follows:
  • -Figure out where I left off
  • -Make sure tools work
  • -Reorganize task list & Milestones

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